We have a system for our water supply that treats the water with chemicals, being very closely monitored, so that the water that is provided throughout our hotel is potable. The water is supplied to a cistern before its treated by our high tech system, and in this cistern is where we monitor any leakage since we already have the levels that it should maintain during each day. We can also monitor leakage through our main line since it immediately shows a lower pressure in the in the distribution. This main distribution line can be shut down in segments to further the inspection.

We also have water efficient faucets, toilets, showers, and even the irrigation is done manually and very early in the morning to use water efficiently and prevent evaporation (some areas that need more water are even irrigated during night to improve its effectiveness).

The water then goes to the wastewater treatment plant, which goes through a process of decomposition and then through a filtering system in the ground before its retuned to the waterbed.

We are definitely committed with the environment, our property is a natural reserve that it’s being kept as primitive as it was originally and represents what the rain forest in Petén used to be. We have areas where we’ve even plant new trees native to the area in order to maintain the natural beauty of the Petén Rain Forest. We also have an animal reserve area where we take care of animals that are endangered species and native to Petén, this is part of our commitment with taking care of nature and there is a tour offered to our guests for them to be able to enjoy the beauty of these animals.

The hotel was built in such a way that it does not disturb nature. The materials and the colors chosen complement the natural environment, and it was all planned in a way to work around nature instead of fighting against it. One of our trademarks shows exactly this, the pool, which was built in such a way that it embraces a Pucte tree and the structure was built on piles where we actually left to pool in the air in order to prevent the tree roots to be choked, the tree is an amazing seen from the main restaurant and pool deck (especially at night). You can also see how the bungalows disappear as the monkey’s tour boat goes further into the lake.

As part of our commitment to nature, we did try to implement electric golf carts for the reserve tour but due to the muddy terrain and high lands we had to use traditional 4×4 ATV’s. The bungalows and the main building use energy efficient products like instant water heaters, gas cooking and laundry equipment, energy efficient spa’s, and LED lighting throughout the entire property. We are also working on a project to install solar panels to power the entire Hotel. This project specifically is being analyzed and if possible we will implement it very soon.

We recycle glass, cans and plastic. The coffee residues are used as fertilizer.

We have removed plastic bottles from the rooms and exchanged them for glass bottles.

We use biodegradable bags and straws throughout the hotel.

All of our staff (except the Manager and F&B Manager) are locals and we have trained them and shown them how to do different activities empowering them to have better opportunities.

Most of our furniture and wood products are produced by local artisans.