Seeking adventure volunteers in Peten

Peten, an experience waiting to be explored
November 24, 2015
Best Boutique Hotel located in Petén, Guatemala
January 30, 2020
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Seeking adventure volunteers in Peten

How would you like to leave your routine life behind and sojourn with an adventurous timeout? Whether it's hiking to a mountain peak or sharing time with a wild animal, experiencing the grandeur of the natural world is a moving experience.

An adventure need not be just about enjoyment for oneself, it frequently embodies our eagerness to indulge in activities that involve aiding our surroundings life to prosper and grow. With a graceful collection of adventure options from exploring active volcanoes to tropical rainforest to beautiful aquatic life, Guatemala presents a magnificent array of experiences. A tropical rainforest with landmass second only to the Amazons spanning a large area of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize is home to over 200 varieties of trees, 150 species of birds including the elusive richly colored quetzal and around 40 varieties mammals including jaguars. The majority of this tropical rainforest is in the department of Peten in Guatemala.

The uniqueness of Peten is that it houses not just biological and aquatic reserves but historical reserves like Tikal. In the last decade, Illegal logging and poaching have taken its toll on the tree and wildlife concentrations in the area but the government along with environmentalists, NGOs and volunteers are trying hard to limit and reverse the destruction. There are a handful of wildlife protection agencies working in Peten making it an ideal location to combine an adventure with the opportunity to interact with wildlife on a one on one basis thanks to volunteering options on offer. Participation in activities such as these provides ample exposure to cater not just to the needs of rescued wildlife but to observe, learn and be one with nature.

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