Peten, an experience waiting to be explored

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August 6, 2016
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Peten, an experience waiting to be explored

Encapsulating nearly two thirds land area of Guatemala lies the department of Peten of which 30% is covered by tropical rainforest.

Replete with swamps, rivers and savannas its natural beauty and wildlife has inspired tales of legends by local literary personalities. Peten houses two Biosphere Reserves, seven national parks, five wildlife protected areas, four protected Biotopes, three Cultural Monuments and a Biological Reserve. A varied ethos of offerings awaits every visitor from learning more about the Mayans civilizations at Yaxha, Great Plaza and the temples to exploring the expanse at Tikal national park the only place in the world that has been declared both, Cultural and Natural Treasure of Humanity by UNESCO.

Among these attractions at Peten are ruins of Uaxactun and Dos Pilas. The Mayan city of El Mirador holds the largest pyramid by volume in the world; Takalik Abaj with ten terraces rising 1500 m from the Pacific Ocean. Peten´s temperate climate, natural beauty and historical significance make it a top choice for honeymoon destination in Guatemala and the Americas with its attractions guaranteeing to leave a lasting impression for a memorable visit. Planning a holiday or excursion involves hunting for comfortable places to stay and in today’s tech savvy world, wisdom is to read up about and reserve the suitable hotels online. All the best hotels in Guatemala have their own portals and feature in major aggregator websites like and trivago.

Guatemala is gifted with an Oceanic Subtropical Highland Climate with Peten being on the warmer end of the temperature scale, this is a definite advantage as one does not have to wait for holiday season to visit Guatemala. So, the next time you think of a planning a holiday, come visit Peten because if Guatemala is the land of the Maya, Peten is its heart.

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