The breathtaking views of the moon rising behind the lagoon and reflecting on the water is the perfect scenario to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with your loved one.

Moon & Wine


Accompanied by the sound of the birds and the peaceful surrounding of nature, you will enjoy one of the wide variety of massages she offers using local ingredients to enhance your treatment



Encounter an exclusive experience inside our Private Reserve. This outstanding expedition takes place every day at 2:30 pm and lasts approximately 1:30 hours.

Nature Reserve


We have two islands and in one of them we breed and take care of monkeys. Every morning we prepare fresh fruit and vegetables to feed them. We offer a unique boat tour to visit the Monkey Island.

Monkey Island


We offer a unique boat tour to visit the Monkey Island. You will get to watch them come down from the top of the trees to eat their food and you might even get a chance to feed them.

Birding in Mundo Maya


We leave in the morning headed to the southeast of Petén, where you will take a boat to go by the mystical stream Petexbatun up to the lake of the same name where there is a large amount of wildlife including crocodiles and many fish.



We leave in the morning and move to the northern part of Petén, in the heart of the Maya Biosphere to visit the ruins where the first war of conquest happened in the Maya region



In the park you can see jaguars, crocodiles, deer, parrots, macaws, coatis, to name a few. Then we take you on the boat to El Mirador del Rey Canek that is located on the top of an archaeological site called “Tayasal”.

Peten Itza Lake


We leave in the morning to drive to the south of Petén to the River “La Pasión”, which was very important before for trade between ancient Mayan cities. We will take a boat to arrive to the archaeological site “Ceibal” a Mayan city abandoned over a millennium ago, now covered with lush tropical rain forest.



We leave in the morning at the time you desire and heat to the third largest archeological site in Guatemala (after Tikal and El Mirador), impressive for the large number of structures close to each other, many of them built more than 15 centuries ago.

Yaxha y Topoxte

tikal-1 (1)

We leave in the morning, at the time you desire and head ourselves to the largest archaeological site of the classical period, Tikal. With 4000 structures, one of them is the highest in Mesoamerica, it was declared by UNESCO as cultural and natural heritage of humanity in 1979.



For a Magical Getaway with that special someone…. 1 Night accomodation & Upgrade to Master Suite based on avalability. Welcome drinks In room Breakfast or at Shultún Restaurant Natural. Reserve Tour Monkey...

Romantic Getaway