Yaxha and Topoxté

You leave in the morning at the time you desire and head to the third largest archeological site in Guatemala (after Tikal and El Mirador), impressive for the large number of structures close to each other, many of them built more than 15 centuries ago.

You will visit the Temple of the Red Hands, several ceremonial causeways, the ball court, the pyramid of sacrifices and more. You will be transferred by boat to Topoxté, a seasonal island in Lake Yax-há, used for 3 millennia as a royal cemetery. Finally, 6 centuries ago there was a group of mysterious Mayans established there who built miniature structures as if they were dwarfs. There are high chances to see spider monkeys and howler monkeys. At time desired you will have lunch at Restaurant "Portal de Yax-há".

Walk: In Yaxha approximately 2 1⁄2 hours with pauses to rest. In Topoxte: 1⁄2 hour hike.

Duration: 1 day

Includes: Transportation, boat service to Topoxté, entrance fee to sites, bilingual guide, lunch and cooler with drinks.

Not included: Gratuities or personal expenses.

Recommendations: Bring mosquito repellent, bottled water, raincoat and the best walking shoes.

Note: The terrain is relatively flat and the few steps there are handrails.

*If you want to make this tour in the afternoon to watch the sunset you will leave the hotel at 13:00 hrs. The price is the same as the normal tour except that you do not visit Topoxte.

TIKAL FOREIGNERS $215.00 $125.00 $100.00 $80.00 $70.00
TIKAL LOCALS $200.00 $115.00 $90.00 $75.00 $65.00