Nature Reserve

Encounter an exclusive experience inside our Private Reserve.

This outstanding expedition takes place every day at 2:30 pm and lasts approximately 1:30 hours. Our host will take you in an ATV ride around the property to vist the flora and fauna of the tropical jungle at its best. You will be able to see ocelots, margay tigers, jaguar, danta, deers, wild pigs and many others.

You cannot miss this tour.


Monkey Island

The property has 5 lagoons and the biggest one is called Laguna Quexil. In this lagoon we have two islands and in one of them we breed and take care of monkeys. Every morning we prepare fresh fruit and vegetables to feed them. We offer a unique boat tour to visit the Monkey Island. You will get to watch them come down from the top of the trees to eat their food and you might even get a chance to feed them. They are really charming and friendly. We can tailor your tour with your choice of food and beverages.



Guatemala offers more than 700 unique bird species in their natural habitat. Because of its diverse climate with more than 300 microclimates and more than 30% of its land being protected areas, birdwatching can be enjoyed in any of the 7 regions of the country.

We will explore 3 different sites of the rainforest of Peten where we will cover as many species for professional and amateur birdwatchers.

This tour can be tailored to watch specific birds to add to your private collection.