Bring the Whole Family to the Best Boutique Hotel in Peten, Guatemala

Best Boutique Hotel located in Petén, Guatemala
January 30, 2020
Las Lagunas Hotel
Perfect Destination for Married Couples to Celebrate – Las Lagunas Hotel in Peten Guatemala
March 7, 2020
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Bring the Whole Family to the Best Boutique Hotel in Peten, Guatemala

Las Lagunas Hotel

Luxury by Nature’s Las Lagunas Hotel is a top boutique hotel in Peten.It has been ranked as a Traveler’s Choice by Trip Adviser since 2015 and the 2019 Certificate of Excellence.The Certificate of Excellence is only awarded to the top ten percent of businesses annually – these awards are no coincidence.This hotel offers luxury stays in the heart of Peten, a place where travelers get to experience the luscious jungle that is rich in history.The owner of Las Laguna’s Boutique Hotel, Edgar Castillo Sinibaldi, fell in love with the region at 23 years old. When guests are experiencing life at Las Lagunas, they find that the plants and animals in the area have been left untouched.Castillo describes the vision as “to create something like the parks in Africa where animals are in their natural habitat.” His vision is to share that same ecological experience that he had with all guests at Las Lagunas.

Las Lagunas Hotel is the best holiday destination for families in Guatemala.This hotel is open to all guests; there is a little something for everybody. One of the unique experiences for families to enjoy is to explore Monkey Island.Monkey Island is one of 5 lagoons in the nature preserve of Las Lagunas Hotel.The best sight to see is in the sanctuary where staff breeds and cares for the monkeys.These monkeys are used to visitors so you and your family can feed and observe the monkeys.

When booking a vacation – the Nature Tour is one families cannot miss.Each day, this tour begins at 2:30 pm and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.You will explore all the extremities of the natural reserve onsite; guests will come in close contact with all the wildlife on the reserve while riding in an ATV with a guide.Wildlife in this area that you can expect to see includes ocelots, margay tigers, jaguar, danta, deers, wild pigs and many others.

Your days at Las Lagunas are busy exploring the beautiful rainforest,ancient Mayan ruins, swimming and kayaking; however, your nights will be complete with supreme luxury and a safe place to lay your head.While onsite, you must check out the Shultun restaurant. Each night the chef prepares a cuisine that incorporates fine dining with the local cuisine.The ingredients are always fresh and local – Guatemala is very luscious and the climate is perfect for many yummy ingredients.For adults, there is a happy hour each day from 4 to 6
pm, where guests can enjoy two for one cocktails by the pool.

This Boutique Hotel in Peten, Guatemala, Central America, is perfect for your next family vacation.You will experience one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala, all for a great price, and you will leave with unforgettable memories.Try the online hotel booking option today!

Written by Naomi Israel

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